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Meetupcannabis Tips and Instructions Page

Meetupcannabis Tips and Instructions Page


Meetupcannabis Tips and Instructions Page's Overview

We give the ability to create Content Rich Pages, Events, Groups and Stores in our Social Community. As well, we give you the ability to Modify your Views, Profile pages and backgrounds.

With the ability to create these types of pages it allows you as the member to be as creative as you wish and to be able to produce the message you want. In the Videos Section Tab, there are Video Tutorials on how to use the WYSIWYG Editor, Also known as TinyMCE. The functionability is varied depending on what you are creating. If you have any problems or wish for assistance in creating a page please let us know and we can help you out. 

Page Mods

Cover Photo

In the Top right corner of Any Cover Photo you can choose to upload a new photo and after it is selected, you can drag it to the desired position. 


 Go to Profile by Clicking your Icon in the Top Center Menu
When at your "Member View" Profile, click the Cog next to Settings and select "Edit my Profile"

Go to Profile Style and Inject any CSS Code you wish. Or use the old Myspace Background pages to generate the code. These are a few that we trust. 
In "Pages, Groups, Stores this setting is in the Dashboard at the bottom left under the Title "Profile Style"  

Myspace Backgrounds

If you have  picture online that you want to use for your background, or that you uploaded to our site. Right click on it and "Copy Image Address".

Go to Edit Profile, Page, Group or what ever you are editing and Choose Edit Styles. Copy this Code and place it in the Style Box.

table, tr, td {background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0;}body{background-image:url('PASTE YOUR IMAGE URL HERE');background-attachment:fixed;}

 Click Save and do a Control-F5 on on the page you are trying to view to see the changes. 

Profile Avatar

Under the Settings Menu "Edit My Videos" you are able to upload a Video from your Computer and use it as an Avatar. Controlling all of its functions including where it starts playing. 


Edit Layout

In this Section, you have the ability to change the layout our your page using a drag and drop editor. It is best to always use the default page layout, although if you are familiar with WordPress Style Pages this will be easy to catch on. If any help is needed in page creation, please just let us know. 



Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Posted: Mar 12, 2017
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  • Description: This page will show you how to modify your Profiles, Create Pages and Events, Open a Store.

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